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Before I Was Born


This is a project about false memories: about moments retained in the memory that had never happened. Some people throw away their visual histories and others adopt them as if they were true.


Once I purchased several rolls of negatives. I didn’t know the author. I didn’t know the seller. I haven’t seen the negatives before I bought them. I knew nobody who was on these photographs. I had no idea if these negatives were printed or published. I didn’t know what I was buying at all. I was just curious how much can I get out of a random set of photos.


The set covers the period between the late 1950s and early 1970s. In the beginning of 1970, I turned three years old. I selected those of the set that suit best my taste, my style, my themes, my understanding of interesting. They charge me with absurdity and resemblance to (sometimes later) pieces of art. Sometimes they are just touchy and lovely. For me, these photographs became the documents of family’s false memories, something that is said to have happened, but in fact has not. Understandably I destroyed visual stories that could be told by the guy who pressed the shutter release button and replaced them with my fantasies. The heroes of these fantasies are not real people, and I love them all no matter what they are. They now live in my memory as if they were always there, in that movie without a plot and a certain author.

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