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Every Friday


I value the force and meaning of images that accumulate a noticeable period of time, not a "decisive" moment. Those images more honestly tell the truth of a moment than those capturing a single moment. First 50 years of my life I lived far from seas and oceans and had no chance to be regularly on the shore. After Aliyah to Israel, seeing the sea became just a matter of 10-minute driving. My little son likes to play on the beach. Water, sun, and sand excites him, and my wife and I spend hours watching. This is like a movie with a new series every Friday from which I cut off stills: one from every next series. The human eye seems to be very selective. Sometimes it gets rid of details to separate certain meanings out of their multiplicity and, in other cases, details from what happened a minute ago blend into the situation that takes place now. Every Friday I have this meditative game with time.

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