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Kiss of a Prince


Based on the Aarne–Thompson classification system, the plot index is ATU410 and tells a story related to supernatural or enchanted relatives. 


А king and a queen who had eagerly anticipated a daughter held a ball at the royal palace where all the fairies of the kingdom were invited. All the fairies except for one. It was known that the exception devours children. 


Sadly she was a relative of the good king and appeared in the midst of the ball incredibly upset for she had not been invited. She loudly voiced a shocking prophecy: “When the princess falls in love and has her first kiss, her beloved will turn into a frog”. 


Time passed and the princess was no longer a child. However all remembered the curse. 


One day the princess meets a young man whose name is Richard Wetbusiness and the two fall in love. 


By all means possible did the princess try and avoid kissing Richard however one night, when she fell asleep, he kissed her and immediately took full form of a frog. When the princess awoke the following morning she had realized what had happened. Feeling a great loss, she ran into the forest where seven dwarfs befriended her and offered her shelter. 


Each dwarf one after the other secretly kissed the princess and one by one each turned into a frog within that same week. The very upset princess left the empty house in the forest and headed up hill and dale. 


On her path she met a soldier. Having had a bad experience she started with explanation of what may occur should he decide to kiss her. The following morning the princess found a frog sitting on the soldier’s knapsack.

A similar fate befell on twelve hunters and other brave heroes as well as strolling musicians. 


One day she came across a genuine prince. Remembering that she has a record of many frogs in her tale, she decides there shall be no kissing and none of anything else. 


Certainly no one wants this shit to happen again. However love and time play their part and one night she lost control and kissed the prince. The princess turned into a frog which really was a shock almost too unusual. The prince himself later developed complications, probably a result of things gone wrong in his childhood… THE END!


This is a collection of photos of me with artists who influenced the way I make photographs. 

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